Thank you

The other day in the preschool car line, I wanted to thank the other drivers. Only a few of them know some of Evan’s story. Most have no idea. I get out and unbuckle him, put on his coat, and his backpack and send him into school and silently send up a thank you to the many cars waiting on me. I don’t get Evan out ahead of time (here comes my six enneagram), because if we were accidentally hit during this line, Evan wouldn’t be able to tell me what hurts. He cannot get out quickly of his car seat, so I am there to help. He cannot manage the big step down yet, so I am there to lift him out. He cannot put on his own coat yet, so I am there to assist. So, thank you for waiting on us. Each and every day.

On this journey, I am realizing there are many people that need to be thanked.

Thank you to the therapists who sometimes can’t answer my questions of the future, but still give hope. They give me countless ideas at home and look at what he can do and what he will need to be able to do and plan out his therapies.

Thank you to our caregivers who provide my husband and I respite. The laughter that comes from Evan when he is with them is priceless and I am so thankful for such an amazing team! They truly care about him and it is evident every time they are with him.

Thank you to our family. They continue to love on Evan, provide respite as well, encourage me, and even help with exercises for therapy.

Thank you to our village, both in person and online. I have friends who understand why I can’t get together with them. I have group chats that let me vent and share the good and the mundane. I have people who respond to our photos and stories and encourage us. Thank you to the families who have gone before us and provide hope, encouragement, a safe place to cry, and resources that have helped them.

Thank you to random strangers. Due to Evan’s low tone and sometimes not being able to tell his body what to do (motor planning), putting him into a shopping cart has become a little harder. It is not always convenient for him to walk in the store. Lately, I wait until I find someone who might be able to help me (I do make sure they are wearing a mask properly). I explain why I need help and everyone has been wonderful.

As you are reading this, I hope you found yourself in one or more of these categories. Thank you. Two little words, but there is so much behind them.


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