My Word

I may teach not to have all or nothing thinking, but I struggle with it. Last year, I joined a decluttering Facebook group and while we were learning her method of decluttering and the schedule, we were to only work for 30 minutes. No more. She kept repeating, “Progress, not perfection.”

I gathered what I needed, set the timer, started the music and began to work. When the timer went off, I was proud of what I had done and realized I was almost done. I could finish…it wasn’t much more time and I wanted it to be done. And there it was. I didn’t want to stop in the middle of it because I wanted it to be done. I wasn’t okay with progress. I wanted perfection.

My one word to focus on in 2021 is progress. It’s defined as “forward or onward movement to a destination.” I have a lot of projects I have started…and not finished. I like growing and learning and improving. But I get hung up with it not being done completely and overwhelmed and then I just stop and shut down.

So, progress…in my projects, in my health, in my friendships, with Evan, in my marriage, and my relationship with Jesus.


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