My heart hurts

My heart hurts…

It hurts for teachers and students who still don’t know what will be happening when an established routine and community can be the catalyst for amazing learning.

It hurts for the division I am seeing on the news and Facebook. What brought us together in the first place is now ripping us apart. I am saddened by comments I see people make.

It hurts for the leaders who can’t seem to do anything right in half of the population’s eyes. They are people too. All of them.

It hurts for my son who remains very much isolated because of the possibility of therapies cancelled if he is around people who test positive for the virus.

It hurts for myself. I’ve given up visits with friends, eating out, social get togethers because, once again, it could affect therapy for my son.

It hurts for people who won’t listen. And maybe I’m guilty of it too. I’m trying not to be. Honestly, it makes me want to stop getting on Facebook. It’s not overly encouraging these days.

What’s healing my heart?

Enjoying the amazing things my son can do. He can recite the alphabet (some of the letters between j and o still get left out every now and again). Exercising. My son will even count my reps for me. Taking lots of walks. Lots of them. Reading. Follow me on Goodreads, you’ll see. Taking moments to pause and breathe. Really helps with the stress.

I’m okay if you disagree with something I’ve said or written. If you’re up for chatting, I’m here, and I’ll listen. I just ask that you do the same for me.


3 thoughts on “My heart hurts

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been having conversations that sound so much like this. My heart hurts too. You’re definitely not alone.


  2. My heart hurts with your hurting heart. You are doing a good job navigating motherhood and making the choices that are best for your family. Keep smiling, “Laker,” you matter & make the world more beautiful! 🙂


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