My system

Recently, I asked Facebook how many books were too many to read at once?  I was currently in the middle of five and technically, I am reading more than five right now, but two of them are only picked up very sporadically and can be read that way, thankfully.

I gifted myself time on my to-read shelf on Goodreads and used our curbside pick-up from my local library since I had cleaned the house the other day.  And begins another reading journey of balancing different books.  

One Facebook friend asked how I can keep them straight…I consider it a gift and a curse. I listened to a podcast by the Lazy Genius the other week about her reading life and it reminded me a lot of what I did and as I have changed my reading habits.  I blame Anne Bogel, the creator of “What Should I Read Next?” podcast.

I often start my morning with a devotional (currently The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer) which is short and then a chapter or two of another spiritual book (currently Chasing Vines by Beth Moore – having to push myself through the book a bit faster than I would want because I do not have any renewals since it’s a new release).  I then use my morning and sometimes afternoon hours when I can catch a few minutes another non-fiction book (currently rotating between Becoming by Michelle Obama and Elizabeth and Hazel by David Margolick – it’s about the Little Rock nine in 1957), and then I rewards myself with my fiction book in the afternoon and evening (currently Ladies of Ivy Cottage by Julie Klassen).  

You can see from my stack that I am well prepared for the next few weeks.  

It works for me…tell me about your reading life.  





5 thoughts on “My system

  1. I love both of the podcasts you mentioned and have gotten good book recommendations from both! I like to have at least two books going at the same time–fiction and nonfiction–and I also like to have something about faith as well, if my nonfiction isn’t in that genre. For me, two is pretty much my limit. I love your stack–so much goodness there!


  2. Hi Cath! I’m so glad you wrote today…it feels like we are chatting. I’ve not read Chasing Vines, I’d love to know if you think I should add it to my stack.


  3. Reading different books at the same time makes sense. As a reader you know what works for you. I usually have at least two books going, sometimes three. I have never had five at the same time. Your pile makes me smile.


  4. Oh my. My reading life right now is non existent. Actually as I think about it, that’s not true. My reading life is just different. I’m reading many things, but not many books. I’m picking up books, reading snippets, being inspired, moving on to find whatever I was inspired by, listening to books on audible, reading through old magazines … the list is long.

    Thanks for sharing your reading life. It’s beautiful.


  5. I love the purposeful reading you do.Every book has its reason for being and I commend you for that. I tend to be a book inhaler. I start a book and I want to read, read, read. Of course that’s not always possible.


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