Anatomy of a Nap

Naps have changed and evolved since Evan tumbled out of the crib a few months ago. The first few times being in the cot, he stayed right there. And then came the adventures.

Books pulled off the shelf. And by books, I mean every. Single. One. Stuffed animals pulled out of the basket. Pillows thrown again and again.

I earned my flights of stairs from Fitbit just by walking upstairs to put him back into the bed.

Lately, we’ve settled into a routine.

1:53 pm. Look at books. Sometimes I take them to my bed. Not today.
1:54 pm. Lie down. Am
I tired?
1:55 pm. Nope. What’s going on under the door?
1:56 pm. Not much happening. What could I go do now?
1:57 pm. Back to my books.
2:00 pm. Decided to look thru a dresser drawer. Mom told me to stop and go back to bed.
2:11 pm. Clean and dry now (thanks Mom), so off to dream land I go!

5 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Nap

  1. This is a perfect way to capture life right now. I love the way it reads almost like a photo essay. I’m not surprised a child of yours would rather read than sleep!


  2. Oh, I remember those days!!! One particular nap, my twin girls emptied every single drawer in their dresser. Pulled out two of the drawers, put them together on the floor, and called it their boat! What could I do? I grabbed my phone, took photos and laughed! Thanks for bringing back my memories! We also have so many action photos of the video monitor too! LOL. Best of luck with nap time …. I dreaded the day when naps ended. However, maybe it means earlier to bed?


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