Chain reaction

I don’t know many people that are loving this quarantine time. I could write lots of reasons why I don’t like it. But one minuscule and petty reason is that it’s taken away some of my podcast listening time.

I used to listen during my son’s therapy and when I took walks during respite or cleaning during respite and on my drive to a nearby town for WW.

It’s becoming a problem in such a first world way because they keep multiplying.

I started with two churches and a podcast by Annie F. Downs.

It’s up to 25 shows. Granted, I don’t listen to all of them every day and some do not have active recordings, but one podcast will have an author that is interesting or another podcaster and I’m sucked into theirs or friends make recommendations.

It might be a problem.

Some days, it’s a great problem. I love the ideas, wisdom, and humor I receive. They challenge me to keep growing. Keep learning. Keep going in my journey.

Other days, I’m overwhelmed and don’t know who to listen to or when I’ll have time to actually finish a series.

So…got any great podcasts I should listen to? 😜


7 thoughts on “Chain reaction

  1. I feel the exact same way–when am I supposed to listen to all this great stuff? And I keep finding new podcasts that catch my attention now too. It’s an embarrassment of riches!


  2. It’s interesting Cathy, how each person deals with this Isolation. I am just discovering the podcasts that have been living on my phone for years and for me, there’s lots of time but we do share the treasure of the walks we go on now… I’m sitting here now debating when the weather will be at its best for a walk… sun is just starting to appear in full force until the rain will get in the way. I hope you find those precious moments for more podcast listening time,


  3. I love podcasts, too. I’ve also found many are piling up because I’m not in the car, anymore. However, in this, there’s also a sort of filtering that has happened. I find that I intentionally make time for a couple. Bob Goff’s DREAM BIG is one of them.


  4. I have never gotten into podcasts, so I can’t recommend any for you. I will sound like an old lady when I say this, but . . . it’s just one more aspect of technology I would have to figure out and I’m not up to the task. 🙂


  5. It’s a strange thing how having too much of something and making choices becomes difficult. I like how you identify this as a good problem to have.


  6. I am not a podcast person because I have trouble just “listening” to someone. I want to see them! My mind tends to wander too much. Same thing with audiobooks – I just can’t stay focused enough to listen.


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