Before I begin, my brain is like a giant bowl of spaghetti…my thoughts are running into each other, overlapping, causing my brain to feel discombobulated (thanks spell check, wasn’t sure on that one).

Words are coming to my mind of what to write about.  Time, books, podcasts (oh, how they suck me in), attitudes, complaints, routines.

It’s late enough that I don’t think I could combine too many of them and it would make sense, so routines it is.

I am a WW coach and one constant comment that seems to prevail at each workshop is the interruption, disruption, and rearrangement of routines.  So, I thought I would share some of my routines.

Same Routines 

  • wake up at 5:30 to walk a mile, drink 20 ounces of water, and listen to Beth Moore’s podcast, then I have my own reading and study time while listening to instrumental music on Pandora and drink that first cup of coffee while waiting and watching for Evan to wake up
  • make protein pancakes and watch Little Baby Bum with Evan
  • walk outside as much as we can
  • eat lunch during his nap and catch up on one of my shows
  • try to accomplish one household chore before resting my eyes (as my grandma called it)
  • dinner around the table with Evan with an evening walk most likely
  • read books in bed with Evan and then off to listen to more podcasts and clean up the kitchen

New Routines

  • plan and carry out at least five minutes of focused OT and speech therapy with Evan.  It’s amazing how much better he behaves for his therapists for 45 minutes than ten minutes for me!
  • Zumba online
  • Zoom with my WW workshop
  • figure out how to do self-care when the only down time I have is when Evan is sleeping (so thankful for a neighbor who has been taking Evan on walks) Nate does give me time, but trying to find it when he is at work is the biggest challenge.
  • reading more books electronically
  • sip a glass of diet tonic water (I add a little Crystal Light to it) to relax my eye muscles so they stop twitching (a symptom when I am overly stressed)
  • blog Thursday nights 

Routines I Want to Improve Upon

  • cleaning
  • blogging
  • writing in Evan’s notebook 
  • finishing projects I start
  • speech therapy – This is Evan’s hardest area, so it’s the easiest to put off because of the work involved.  

What about you?  Any great tips for routines that you just have to share?


6 thoughts on “Routines

  1. This time at home has me discombobulated, as well! Your post reminds me of a story from yesterday about new routines. I have fallen into getting up, checking in with students, responding on their reading records and writing, then taking a shower around noon (please don’t judge! :)) Yesterday, I had a faculty meeting at 10, the routine changed and I showered about 8:30. When noon got here, it felt like it had to be at least 3:00 because I had been dressed for so long!

    I have no great tips because I am terrible at routines! I am going to have check out Beth Moore’s podcasts!


  2. Routines change with the times. My day begins at a much slower pace these days. That is a luxury I have at this point in my life. Your world is so busy and I understand how important routine is. All your hard work will pay off. I love seeing Evan on Instagram, his smile melts my heart.


  3. I love how you end with a question for your readers, but I also love that so much of your life is shared in your lists. As for me, one who is not adapting too well to this new normal, my only tip is to do what you are already doing here. Make a list!


  4. I have not been able to focus much at all during this time, even reading has become tough for me to do. And routines–not so much in our house. But being retired makes that easier to manage.


  5. I liked seeing that you’re a WW coach. I would love to drop in on your class. I’m a member and they keep telling us to go to other classes, so it would be fun to pop into your Zoom session. Routines have been hard for me during this time of shelter in. You must like making lists, but just reading your lists made me ready for bed. 🙂


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