I am currently sitting on the couch.

Watching –  Survivor, Alaska – The Last Frontier, Superstore, NCIS, This is Us.

Listening – to Ingrid Michaelson on Spotify, podcasts (Annie F. Down’s quarantine podcast is one of my current favorites) and Evan’s music on Pandora – His favorite is Baby Shark.

Eating – tomato soup for lunch with homemade sourdough and taco salads for dinner.  I tend to cook a few times a week and then we do leftovers.

Wishing – I could hug people, run into a store just to grab that one item, host play dates, visit family and take dates with my husband.

Appreciating – new mindset (progress over perfection), funny memes, Geico commercials, hugs from Evan, morning coffee, walks outside, and online workout classes.



10 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I don’t watch tv much, but the Geico commercial (and I have no idea if it is new or not) where he is laughing is the funniest thing! Many similar wishes, too.


  2. Your right now list sounds perfect. Just a snap shot of the day. I appreciate your new mindset: progress over perfection. I try to keep that in mind, but it’s hard!

    Thanks for sharing your words! I wrote before I read the invitation too! I think it’s Ruth’s way of providing an invitation to write … if you need some inspiration!


  3. I love this little small moment of sitting on the couch and the thoughts happening. It’s such a time of embracing, wishing, accepting, and being.


  4. Cathy — I love this glimpse into your life. Here’s mine…
    Watching — The leftovers in my fridge to make sure we use them all.
    Listening — To the frogs that are singing spring songs
    Eating — Too many cookies
    Wishing — To be a woman of wisdom + whimsy
    Appreciating — That my kids are independent in personal hygiene, bedtime routines, and elearning.


  5. I love this structure and capturing the moment. I do wish to run in and get just one thing and hugs… well that is something just tugging at me. Enjoy the moments we have been given.


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