I’m back…

I didn’t go anywhere…I just didn’t write.  Honestly, I began to self doubt the blog.  The reason to write.  Doubt anyone would read it. Or even want to read it.  Do my words matter?

I’ve been wanting to write, to share small victories, to share my hard days.  I just don’t.  I find excuses…there’s no time, there’s other things that need to be done. Those other things seem more important than writing.

Cleaning the house, prepping for my part-time job, planning Evan’s therapy, carrying out Evan’s therapy, prepping other activities that could be used for Evan’s therapy, time with my husband, and somehow add in self-care.

I’m learning a lot through this journey.  And maybe returning to writing is a way to process them a bit more and will cause me to be more intentional.

So, join me, either as a fellow writer or a reader.

And thank you, Ruth…your words have given so much life to so many.


4 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. I am sitting in the same boat as you. My stories were always there, but the excuses were there too. I think jumping back in is the “write” thing to do! ~michelle


  2. Me too, Cathy. I just left the writing, but it didn’t really leave me. I kept drafting in my head, I just did commit them anywhere. I’m glad you are back writing and we are taking this journey together.


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