I’ve not blogged in a while.  Honestly, at times I don’t know what to write about.  I don’t want to come across as complaining and I truly try to see the good in this journey.

I didn’t write about Evan calling me mom on Thanksgiving.

I didn’t write about Evan starting to identify some colors!

I didn’t write about Evan being able to answer what does “blank” say and being able to answer almost 15 different sounds (his approximation).

I didn’t write about a lot of things he has done and is continuing to do.

However, there is one side of this journey that often goes unseen.  The phone calls and paperwork.

I have a binder where I keep phone logs of who I talk with and about what.  I keep his medical papers (bills, evaluations, claims, therapy exercises, etc) in a binder.  Mondays are often “Medical Monday” because I get papers on Friday or Saturday that require phone calls to follow up.

You would think getting a diagnosis would make things easier.  You would think that…just like I did.

How the Conversation Should Go

Insurance – “Oh, he has a diagnosis, no problem, we’ll make sure to cover those expensive therapies so your child can make amazing progress.”

How the Conversation Does Go

Insurance – “He has a diagnosis…well, that isn’t billable.  Therefore, you need to get this paperwork to your doctor and then back to us.”

Me- “I did.  We’ve faxed it to you three times.”

Insurance – “Well, we don’t have it.”

Me – “I’ll call the doctor.”

Three days later…

Insurance – “Oh, you need a different piece of paper.”

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how they all go…but it’s pretty similar.  I’ve been waiting since June of 2018 for his therapy sessions with First Steps to be paid for.  Our latest roadblock is making sure a billable diagnosis code is being used.  Once again, I am needing to reach out to Riley to get another letter with more specific language for the agency to resubmit our claims (I can currently feel my blood pressure rising).

But tonight, we can celebrate a small victory.  We received a letter in the mail.  Not just any letter…for any parent who has a child with special needs…he’s at the top of list for the waiver!!!  Now begins new hoops to jump through…and I will.  Because he deserves it!


One thought on “MIA

  1. I know the “excitement” that goes with receiving that letter. Ours took almost ten years to arrive…long after beneficial things could have taken place. You are doing great. It is not easy, but oh the payoff you will have! Stay strong! Love you!


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